Post Disney College Program

This past Fall I participated in the Disney College Program. It was everything I dreamed and more. I documented my travels and adventures on a previous blog. Now a days I’m finishing my degree, applying for jobs, and dreaming of the most magical place on Earth.

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210 Days till 10K

So I have finally settled on a training schedule. Every other day I walk 2 miles with a purpose. On the alternate days I either rest, do yoga, or do yard work depending on the weather. Due to my recent college graduation, I have lost gym privileges and have started working out outside in the elements.

I try to look at the weather and see if early or late runs are more feasible due to the rain that we get every day.

I also lucked out and found workout shorts on sale and don’t have heat stroke due to my leggings fully covering me legs.

Once I am a little more adjusted to the humidity and heat I will increase the lengths of my runs but getting up to runDisney standards by my 10K should be reasonable.

Well I’m off to run TTFN.

WDW Wednesday: Top Fastpass+ Attractions Per Park

Hi guys so this is a first. We are back for the second WDW Wednesday where I ramble about something Disney. This week is the top attractions to make fastpasses for.

With any ticket you can make selections 30 days in advance. And for hotel guests 60 days in advance.

So yes the days of running to PeterPan for a paper fastpass are over.

However after you use your initial 3 fastpasses you are able to make additional fastpasses based on availability.

Magic Kingdom

  1. Minetrain
  2. Space Mountain
  3. Big Thunder
My bro in yellow makes bored faces on every ride. That’s his I’m having fun face.

In general Splash can be skipped as there are usually fastpasses available late at night. Also the wait during Festival of Fantasy drops in half. If travelling with little ones I would suggest One of the character meet and greets, Buzz, and Peter Pan instead.
When making my 4th fast pass I generally go for Barnstormer, Little Mermaid, Small World, or Pirates depending on crowds. I will also make which ever is the soonest start time.


From Tier One select one of the following

  1. Frozen
  2. Soarin’
  3. Test Track

From Tier Two select

  1. Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot
  2. Living with the Land

In general try to select the Frozen ride or Soarin’ first with early times for the Tier Two attractions. After all three fastpasses are used try to get the other Tier One rides. I’ve been able to get fastpasses for Test Track and either Frozen or Soarin’ in the same day but never all three. Soarn’ generally has a short wait the hour before Illuminations and Test Track will generally have the shortest wait at park open. I’ve never seen a short wait for Frozen so bring snacks there are multiple trash cans in the line.

Hollywood Studios (Pre Star Wars Land 2019)

From Tier One select

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Toy Story Mania

From Tier Two select two of the following

  1. Star Tours
  2. Tower
  3. Indiana Jones

Hollywood gets tougher when deciding on Fastpass  number 4. On one had being guaranteed a bench at Fantasmic is nice and the Fastpass saves about 20 minutes on required arrival time. On the flip side the view is the same as Stand-by. If you want to be in the center of the auditorium dinner packages are the way to go.

DSC_0219 (3)
Fastpass view Lower Rows

A fastpass for Indy is debatable so if another Tier One fastpass is available with plenty of time to reach Fantasmic I would choose that. However most times the fastpass will be for 30 minutes before the start of Fantasmic in which case Fantasmic is the way to go.

Animal Kingdom (With Consideration to Pandora)

So with the opening of Pandora Animal Kingdom has begun a Tiered Fastpass system. Tier 1 is Pandora and Tier 2 is the original Animal Kingdom attractions.

Since Avatar land AKA Pandora is new choose either of the attractions. One is a fast paced coaster while the other is a boat ride.

So for Tier 2 I have Two suggestions for thrill seekers

  1. Expedition Everest
  2. Dinosaur

For families with little kids

  1. Kilimanjaro Safaris
  2. Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost

Then for the fourth fastpass the next showing of Festival of the Lion King is a must! This show is a hidden gem. Sure the theater fills but did you know that fastpass gets closer seats and the Lion section? Yes we all love being in the top of giraffe with the parent who puts their kid on their shoulder and the cast member who yells at them the entire time, but sitting first or second elevated bench next to the kid who passes out 10 minutes in is so much better.

DSC_0771 (2)
The audience engagement is just part of the reason this show rocks

DSC_0950 (2)

This should leave you time to make one or two more fastpasses and everything besides It is Tough to be a Bug is a great choice. Expect to see a shift in wait times with Pandora having Minetrain/ Frozen level waits and the rest of the park to average between 20 and 40 minutes depending on crowds.

General Advice

  • Choose the earliest time available. Wait times tend to be shortest earlier in the day therefore maximize your time. Instead of spending the entire slow portion of the day waiting on Minetrain get the fastpass and knock out 4 rides before the park even becomes busy.
  • When selecting a fourth fastpass go for a ride that is within the next two hours.
  • Select the night show fastpass when the park is too crowded or no more fastpasses appeal to your party
  • Check wait times. If a ride is only a 5 minute wait go ahead and ride it and switch that fastpass to a different attraction. That being said. Check wait times while making that fourth fastpass and if the waits are low opt for the late fastpass on a busier ride.

That’s all for today. Which fastpasses does your family generally go for?

See you real soon


Happily Ever After Preview

So Wishes has less than a week left and the most likely the final video for Happily Ever After has been released.

So far we know that Happily Ever After will be 18 minutes long. (That’s 5 minutes longer than Wishes). It will complement Once Upon a Time (The projection show that replaced Celebrate the Magic this past Fall).

From the Projection Test videos we know these characters and movies will appear

  • Jafar as a Snake
  • Aladdin
  • Ursula
  • Unknown in a clock section at 1:59 into the video I think it might be Timon but the theme doesn’t match
  • Brave Banners
  • Possible Flick from Bug’s Life 2:10
  • Up
  • Dory and Crush
  • Moana
  • Chinese Dragon at 2:20 is probably Mulan
  • Tarzan
  • Simba and Scar’s battle
  • Simba and Nala can you feel the Love scenes
  • Carl and Russell
  • Tinkerbell’s flight is back 2:40
  • Buzz and Woody
  • Superhero Baymax at 3:09
  • Snow White and Prince
  • Ariel and Eric
  • At 3:38 there seems to be a mural similar to the one in Celebrate the Magic where the characters are shown in a stain glass style (Hercules???, Cinderella, Mulan???, Aladdin???)

It is confirmed that scenes from Frozen, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Incredibles, The Princess and the Frog, Wall-E, Wreck it Ralph, and Zootopia will also appear. I think it is safe to expect “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana in addition to some song from Frozen I’m hopeful for “Love is an Open Door” but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was “Let it Go” again. I think Beauty and the Beast will be limited in the Happily Ever After due to its prominence in Once Upon a Time. Also in all true Disney fashion expect a Princess line up where they show each Princess with her Prince or in her victory pose during the finale. The Happily Ever After Song will probably have two different versions for the intro and conclusion.

So did you catch anything else in the video and are there any characters you hope to see in Happily Ever After?

Also are you planning on watching Happily Ever After first online or in person?

WDW Wednesday: Park Hopping

Hi guys so I’m going to do a Weekly post on WDW. We are going to start it off with Park Hopping.

Park Hopping isn’t right for every family or group.

So Walt Disney World the four parks are about 15 minutes apart if you are driving by car. However add in waiting for a bus, walking back to the bus stop, or dealing with the monorail improvement schedule it takes Disney transportation about 30 to 45 minutes when it isn’t crowded.

That being said during the slow season Hollywood and Animal Kingdom can close significantly earlier than Magic Kingdom or EPCOT. This might change with the opening of Pandora and Star Wars land but you can always check park hours here.

Why park hop? Well crowds in Walt Disney World have become harder to anticipate park by park since the inclusion of the My Disney Experience app. This causes each park to have at least one crazy rush during the day. Also who would want to stay in Hollywood when The Great Movie Ride is two hours? The answer is no one. Wait time apps have lead to crowds moving from park to park trying to wait less. Sometimes the rush will dissipate other days it won’t and having the ability to leave Magic Kingdom with over an hour wait for Pirates is a blessing.

So, I’m going to assume you have made the decision to splurge and park hop on your up coming Disney trip.

Here is my approach to Park Hopping Four Parks in One Day

Step one

Decide which night show you are going to see.  Fantasmic, Star Wars Fireworks, MK firework night show, Illuminations??? Ideally this will be your 3rd or 4th park of the day.


Step two

Consider Extra Magic Hours.

If you are planning on going to late night EMH plan on arriving between an hour and a half prior to park close or head on over after the night show of your choosing. For Morning EMH try to arrive a little early to get the most out of the hours. I once did everything I wanted to do in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood during morning EMH. Some rides or park areas will not always open early so be prepared for that.

If you are not taking advantage of EMH avoid which ever park has EMH. Actual EMH’s make the park less crowded however the time near EMH will be the most crowded of the day.

Step 3

Decide your morning park.

If you are taking advantage of EMH make fastpasses for 10:30 in your second park. Otherwise make fastpasses for as close to park open as possible in your first park.

Step 4

Check wait times and fastpasses. If one park has crazy waits try to get fastpasses for it through the My Disney Experience App. If not head on to park two hopefully with a fastpass or two.

Step 5

Choose afternoon entertainment.

Whether you want to make it to the parade in MK or catch a show in Animal Kingdom or HS set a mid afternoon goal that will keep you on schedule for making that jump from park two to park 3.


Advice for getting the most done

Pick 4 rides, shows, or characters your party wants to do during your time in each park. If the crowds are becoming too much find a restaurant to chill at or go to a theater show with little to no wait to cool off. Don’t be afraid to spend more time in a park you enjoy.

Travelling between parks is generally where most people get frustrated with park hopping. If you are driving a car park at Ticket and Transportation for EPCOT or MK. For the Disney transportation explorer, there are a few ways to make going between parks faster. The boat between HS and EPCOT makes going between these two parks very efficient. And the monorail between MK and EPCOT works for pairing those two. Park hoping from Animal Kingdom is a little harder since the park is farthest from the rest so I would suggest starting or ending in DAK. If you are trying to get to MK from DAK keep a look out for the buses to the Polynesian or Grande since they travel about the same distance and with the security changes it might actually be faster.

I wouldn’t advise a family with super little kids to go for all four parks in one day. However starting in one park and park hopping to another park you can use the bus as a cool down experience for the little ones.

Check back next week for more Disney.


Harry Potter-The Snape Debate

So it has been 9 years and 10 months and J.K. Rowling drops this bombshell.


I’m sorry I just don’t get it. And J.K. Rowling has opened another can of worms trying to further define her fandom.

Yes he ‘Always’ loved Harry’s mother, but let’s be real. Snape is not a good guy.

Snape is the guy we teach our daughters, sisters, and friends to friend-zone. He’s trust worthy enough to chill and watch a movie, study all night together, or catch brunch with. He enjoys our company and respects our individuality.

But he does not respect our faith, other friendships, and defining life choices. He’s damaged goods and you know it. Due to his damaged history, he tries to manipulate and control you. When that fails he tries to control how others see you in hopes that you will get hurt enough to come back to him.

He doesn’t compromise because he expects your history together to be enough. He isn’t a person who you can grow from or can grow around you. His whole world revolves around you to a disastrous point that is not healthy.

The argument for Snape is look how much he loved Lilly Potter. He didn’t love Lilly he worshiped her. Snape thought she was the answer in his life. When she leaves he uses Dark Arts to cope. That isn’t love that’s obsession and stalking.

Lilly choose James because they could grow together and make each other better. She pushed Snape away because he called her names and tried to isolate her. And no woman real or in fiction should ever be shamed for that.

Why was Lilly even choosing between James and Snape in the first place? She could have had Lupin or Sirius. If anything that’s what I really need the answer for.

So what do you think? Does Snape deserve redemption for his ‘love’ for a ghost or double-double agent work?

I don’t think so but it is basically ten years later and we are still having this conversation.


250 Days till WDW Marathon Weekend

So we are 250 days out from the WDW Marathon Weekend. Training for my 10K has been off and on. I’m graduating so I’m putting passing all of my courses and the job search first. I’m almost back to 5K shape so 10K by January should be obtainable. I’ll keep you up to date as I reach my goals. Also once I determine where I’m living for the Fall I will be looking for a local practice race in September or October to keep me moving and motivated.


Why LulaRoe

So I’m not a consultant and I’m assuming I will never become one.

I love LulaRoe. and Chances are your brother’s mother’s sister’s cousin’s uncle’s niece’s best friend is a consultant. The company works like Avon but instead of the Avon lady going house to house it operates mainly through Facebook groups. When you aren’t financially equipped to shop you just mute the group but when you can shop it can be a full time job finding the style you desire.

So as a plus size woman I find it difficult to find clothes. As a plus size woman I find it emotionally compromising to go shopping for clothes. As a plus size women I find it even more difficult to find clothes that don’t make me look like a sack of potatoes. I feel that I’ve found the compromise with LulaRoe. For plus size women LulaRoe is a dream come true. In my experience, there are more colors and options available than from any other retailer. We are not confined to black, grey, brown, and DARK olive green. It is actually super hard to find black and grey in any size for LulaRoe. And the olive green with LulaRoe is generally more muted and less camo in color.

Also the leggings fit up to a size 24*. Instead of calling us plus or WOMAN, LulaRoe calls the bigger sizes Tall & Curvy. Let’s talk about this for a second. Instead of a borderline body shaming term. LulaRoe uses T&C in an empowering and human way. I’m not a fan of the term plus. Yes, there’s more of me than there should be but that doesn’t make me plus or more WOMAN. I’ve got curves to share. Think of it like this curvy is something you would want to snuggle while plus or woman is like leftover food you would put in the fridge and let expire.

Yes LulaRoe is expensive** but have you browsed Macy’s site recently we live in a world where leggings are $30 and Shirts that give you have an attractive shape are $40! So LulaRoe’s 25 for leggings and 36 for shirts isn’t that bad. Sure there are cheaper companies but many don’t carry larger sizes and even if they do (warning shots firing at Lane Bryant) they are equivalent to LulaRoe in price and make us look like a potatoes.

So yes I will wear my loud leggings proudly because I am glad to support a company that gives me options and doesn’t make me look like a potato.

Favorite  LulaRoe items: Perfect T, Amelia, Nicole (my mom looks 5 years younger in hers), and Irma.

Least favorite LulaRoe items: Julia and Cassie (they are very fitted)

Items to try***: Madison skirt, Carly dress, classic t, and Azure skirt

If you have any questions or comments on your experience with LulaRoe or plus size clothing struggles I would love to hear from you.



*Not all leggings are created equally and some are not sized properly. A good relationship with a consultant will be your only way to protect yourself against this.

**Search “going out of business LulaRoe” on Facebook to find clothes at discounted rates.

***I only buy styles I have tried on in person so I know which size to look for.

****Yes those are fish bowl leggings in the photos.

Book Review: Big Little Lies

Big_Little_Lies_CoverTitle: Big Little Lies

Author: Liane Moriarty

Publisher: Penguin Publishing

Rating on Amazon: 4.5/5 Stars

Price $9.99 to $17.00

Summary and Review

The novel opens with an elderly neighbor of the school wondering what has happened with the commotion at the school’s trivia night and an excerpt from the detective interviews informs readers that someone has been killed at trivia night. We then follow Madeline, Celeste, and Jane through their budding friendship.

Madeline is the type A leader she needs to know everything and stands up for everyone in her friend group. Celeste is a former lawyer and mother of twins. She however has a secret: her husband is abusive. In the novel, she grows from dismissing his actions to making the decision to leave him. Jane is the young mother she is new to the school and doesn’t fully fit in with the elite society that she is trying to hide in. In her past she was raped which resulted in her son Ziggy. Due to the nature of Ziggy’s father, Jane spends much of her time doubting if her sweet child has a dark streak. This drives her actions in the story.

Big Little Lies has two major events. The wrongful accusation of Jane’s son Ziggy as a bully and the eventual murder at trivia night. The two events are connected through various small and big events.

Big Little Lies starts as the mommy wars between the stay at home and working mothers. It is the summary of every career woman’s fears. And each character questions how their career decisions effect their relationships and respect in the parent circles. However as information is revealed the politics of the school become more important in defining relationships and character actions.

Every woman should read this book. We all know a Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. To an extent we have all been a naive Madeline and unable to see that our friend is in an abusive relationship or not sure how to comfort our friend when they come forward as a survivor of rape. Or on the flip side we have been the one confided in by a friend and we are not sure how to help them escape from the situation. Most of the time our friend will not come to us from a position of power with options and resources like Celeste. Most of the time our friend will be like Jane and unsure where it is safe to fall for support. I’m not saying Big Little Lies is the how to help get your friend to a better situation guide, but it is the gentle reminder to listen, watch, and love those closest to you since your actions do have effects on everyone in your life.

I would recommend the book with a warning of domestic violence and rape. Also if reading isn’t your thing check out the TV adaptation on HBO.


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