Beauty and the Beast Review

Visually stunning but the music falls short.


The 1991 animated classic is a staple in the heart of many Disney fans. This 2017 live-action answers questions about the curse and expands on the role of Maurice (Belle’s father). However after that it is the 1991 version with CGI and slightly different inflections.

I’ve tried listening to the sound track and it just doesn’t have the attraction of 1991 version. Emma Watson gives it her all and she looks perfect for the part. However I feel like my karaoke singing just became tolerable by everyone who is praising her singing.

I took my 3rd grade sibling and got dirty looks for taking a young child to a film with a gay character. Probably wouldn’t have happened if we lived in any other state but Alabama has issues. Also my brother was there to see Emma Watson as Belle. We talked afterwards and all her cared about was what the original fairy tale was. The presentation of Lefou’s sexuality is done in a discrete Disney appropriate way that flys over kid’s heads. Sure a young teenager would have caught it but most won’t care.

Overall the 2017 movie was less frightening than Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. And I anticipate an increase in the line for Gaston in Disney World cause he stole the show.


Movie: B- great cgi, average singing, same story

Age: 5+ Like the previous Live action Disney films the setting is darker than the animated counterpart. But since it follows the same script I do not see a small child having a melt down if they enjoyed the animated version.

Length: 2 hour 10 minutes

Original Fairy tale: Link


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