I’m not very vocal about my faith but this is a blog of dreams and moving forward in life by living dreams. (Even if most of them are about Disney) I’m Roman Catholic and I’m the weekly passive let me come to church and maybe one Catholic age appropriate meeting.

So last Sunday I felt super behind on all of my homework. I knew finishing was impossible. I was focusing and missed mass. Suddenly the anticipated all-nighter is done at 1 am. I wake up in a grouchy mood for my 8 am lab. But it passes quickly and I attend my other class. When I finish I realize this is an easy week and I have more free time than I’ve had in a while. I do a little work here and there. But then I do a little prayer here and there.

I text my friend asking if Senior prayer/ discernment group is still on for the night. It is.

I attend class today and my friend convinces me to attend bible study. It is on Songs of Songs 5. God is knocking but we are not always efficient in how we answer. And sometimes we have to seek him out. It was a beautiful reminder of how I am happiest when I try to do right.

I gave God nothing and he gave me free time to reflect and pray about where I am going and what type of life I will live. I still have no answers about where I am going but I am at peace with where the wind takes me.

I slept but my heart was awake.
    Listen! My beloved is knocking:

Song of Songs 5.2


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