Why LulaRoe

So I’m not a consultant and I’m assuming I will never become one.

I love LulaRoe. and Chances are your brother’s mother’s sister’s cousin’s uncle’s niece’s best friend is a consultant. The company works like Avon but instead of the Avon lady going house to house it operates mainly through Facebook groups. When you aren’t financially equipped to shop you just mute the group but when you can shop it can be a full time job finding the style you desire.

So as a plus size woman I find it difficult to find clothes. As a plus size woman I find it emotionally compromising to go shopping for clothes. As a plus size women I find it even more difficult to find clothes that don’t make me look like a sack of potatoes. I feel that I’ve found the compromise with LulaRoe. For plus size women LulaRoe is a dream come true. In my experience, there are more colors and options available than from any other retailer. We are not confined to black, grey, brown, and DARK olive green. It is actually super hard to find black and grey in any size for LulaRoe. And the olive green with LulaRoe is generally more muted and less camo in color.

Also the leggings fit up to a size 24*. Instead of calling us plus or WOMAN, LulaRoe calls the bigger sizes Tall & Curvy. Let’s talk about this for a second. Instead of a borderline body shaming term. LulaRoe uses T&C in an empowering and human way. I’m not a fan of the term plus. Yes, there’s more of me than there should be but that doesn’t make me plus or more WOMAN. I’ve got curves to share. Think of it like this curvy is something you would want to snuggle while plus or woman is like leftover food you would put in the fridge and let expire.

Yes LulaRoe is expensive** but have you browsed Macy’s site recently we live in a world where leggings are $30 and Shirts that give you have an attractive shape are $40! So LulaRoe’s 25 for leggings and 36 for shirts isn’t that bad. Sure there are cheaper companies but many don’t carry larger sizes and even if they do (warning shots firing at Lane Bryant) they are equivalent to LulaRoe in price and make us look like a potatoes.

So yes I will wear my loud leggings proudly because I am glad to support a company that gives me options and doesn’t make me look like a potato.

Favorite  LulaRoe items: Perfect T, Amelia, Nicole (my mom looks 5 years younger in hers), and Irma.

Least favorite LulaRoe items: Julia and Cassie (they are very fitted)

Items to try***: Madison skirt, Carly dress, classic t, and Azure skirt

If you have any questions or comments on your experience with LulaRoe or plus size clothing struggles I would love to hear from you.



*Not all leggings are created equally and some are not sized properly. A good relationship with a consultant will be your only way to protect yourself against this.

**Search “going out of business LulaRoe” on Facebook to find clothes at discounted rates.

***I only buy styles I have tried on in person so I know which size to look for.

****Yes those are fish bowl leggings in the photos.


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