Harry Potter-The Snape Debate

So it has been 9 years and 10 months and J.K. Rowling drops this bombshell.


I’m sorry I just don’t get it. And J.K. Rowling has opened another can of worms trying to further define her fandom.

Yes he ‘Always’ loved Harry’s mother, but let’s be real. Snape is not a good guy.

Snape is the guy we teach our daughters, sisters, and friends to friend-zone. He’s trust worthy enough to chill and watch a movie, study all night together, or catch brunch with. He enjoys our company and respects our individuality.

But he does not respect our faith, other friendships, and defining life choices. He’s damaged goods and you know it. Due to his damaged history, he tries to manipulate and control you. When that fails he tries to control how others see you in hopes that you will get hurt enough to come back to him.

He doesn’t compromise because he expects your history together to be enough. He isn’t a person who you can grow from or can grow around you. His whole world revolves around you to a disastrous point that is not healthy.

The argument for Snape is look how much he loved Lilly Potter. He didn’t love Lilly he worshiped her. Snape thought she was the answer in his life. When she leaves he uses Dark Arts to cope. That isn’t love that’s obsession and stalking.

Lilly choose James because they could grow together and make each other better. She pushed Snape away because he called her names and tried to isolate her. And no woman real or in fiction should ever be shamed for that.

Why was Lilly even choosing between James and Snape in the first place? She could have had Lupin or Sirius. If anything that’s what I really need the answer for.

So what do you think? Does Snape deserve redemption for his ‘love’ for a ghost or double-double agent work?

I don’t think so but it is basically ten years later and we are still having this conversation.



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  1. I totally agree with what you said here. He was not a nice guy, but I think his redemption is less about how he loved Lily and more about how intelligent he was. He was on Dumbledore’s side the whole time, and managed to fool even Lord Voldemort. He became the ultimate double agent that no one knew about. The trio realized and maybe they felt bad for doubting him, but honestly, who wouldn’t? He grew to care for Harry, but Harry didn’t realize this until he watched his memories in the Pensive. By then it was too late, so I think that’s more where the redemption comes from, in my opinion at least.


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