I’m not very vocal about my faith but this is a blog of dreams and moving forward in life by living dreams. (Even if most of them are about Disney) I’m Roman Catholic and I’m the weekly passive let me come to church and maybe one Catholic age appropriate meeting.

So last Sunday I felt super behind on all of my homework. I knew finishing was impossible. I was focusing and missed mass. Suddenly the anticipated all-nighter is done at 1 am. I wake up in a grouchy mood for my 8 am lab. But it passes quickly and I attend my other class. When I finish I realize this is an easy week and I have more free time than I’ve had in a while. I do a little work here and there. But then I do a little prayer here and there.

I text my friend asking if Senior prayer/ discernment group is still on for the night. It is.

I attend class today and my friend convinces me to attend bible study. It is on Songs of Songs 5. God is knocking but we are not always efficient in how we answer. And sometimes we have to seek him out. It was a beautiful reminder of how I am happiest when I try to do right.

I gave God nothing and he gave me free time to reflect and pray about where I am going and what type of life I will live. I still have no answers about where I am going but I am at peace with where the wind takes me.

I slept but my heart was awake.
    Listen! My beloved is knocking:

Song of Songs 5.2


Disney Bucket List

  • Try every chocolate mouse
  • Meet every princess in a week
  • 4 Parks in one Day
  • Last Person in line at Sleepy Hallow Treats
  • Goodnight kiss
  • Annual Pass
  • Firework Challenge (Not sure if still possible)
  • Splash Mountain during Festival of Fantasy
  • Front and center rail of the train station during Projection Show
  • Mickey Pretzels for days
  • Wear Made w/ Magic gear during shows

Disney World Character Photography Hints

Wanna rock those family vacation photos and avoid trips with grumpy?

Here are some of my top photo tricks.

Character Selfies: Yes!!! Try and position your group where the photo pass photographer can see the entire group. Warn both the character and photographer that you are taking the photo.

OMG I screen shot an amazing photo cause I was too impatient for my room mate to download and post the one from her memory maker. I can’t find that copy now anyways. Photo credit Disney PhotoPass.

Ears??? Duh. Who doesn’t want to look super cute and have Mickey and Minnie freak out over your super cute ears. Bonus points if you shop Etsy.

Ask silly questions or wear clothes with your favorite character on them.

Follow Along. The character wants to dance or kiss you okay go for it just let them lead.

DSC_0239 (2)

If your not big on interaction I heard from Mickey’s friend that requesting to just take a quick photo is also perfectly acceptable. (I’m like this with face characters because I never know what to say)

Just be nice and see what magic happens 🙂

DSC_0596 (2)





Beauty and the Beast Review

Visually stunning but the music falls short.


The 1991 animated classic is a staple in the heart of many Disney fans. This 2017 live-action answers questions about the curse and expands on the role of Maurice (Belle’s father). However after that it is the 1991 version with CGI and slightly different inflections.

I’ve tried listening to the sound track and it just doesn’t have the attraction of 1991 version. Emma Watson gives it her all and she looks perfect for the part. However I feel like my karaoke singing just became tolerable by everyone who is praising her singing.

I took my 3rd grade sibling and got dirty looks for taking a young child to a film with a gay character. Probably wouldn’t have happened if we lived in any other state but Alabama has issues. Also my brother was there to see Emma Watson as Belle. We talked afterwards and all her cared about was what the original fairy tale was. The presentation of Lefou’s sexuality is done in a discrete Disney appropriate way that flys over kid’s heads. Sure a young teenager would have caught it but most won’t care.

Overall the 2017 movie was less frightening than Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. And I anticipate an increase in the line for Gaston in Disney World cause he stole the show.


Movie: B- great cgi, average singing, same story

Age: 5+ Like the previous Live action Disney films the setting is darker than the animated counterpart. But since it follows the same script I do not see a small child having a melt down if they enjoyed the animated version.

Length: 2 hour 10 minutes

Original Fairy tale: Link

Post Disney College Program

This past Fall I participated in the Disney College Program. It was everything I dreamed and more. I documented my travels and adventures on a previous blog. Now a days I’m finishing my degree, applying for jobs, and dreaming of the most magical place on Earth.

Featured post

Next Adventure

I like to plan long term. This helps me envision where I want to be and allows me to work hard at achieving that. Right now I want to run (walk with a purpose) a rundisney 10K. So I went ahead and signed up for one. However life is unpredictable and I am not 100% sure at my ability to take off from work and go run and I’m okay with that. I’ve never had a fit body but I have been able to be active in my life-style choices. Hopefully this 10K if it happens or not will help me maintain an active life-style.

Running Goals:

10K late 2017/ early 2018

1/2 marathon late 2018

Full marathon 2019



Farewell to Wishes

As many know Wishes is ending in May and being replaced by a firework projection show. Magic Kingdom fireworks are a perfect book end to  any  Walt Disney World vacation. However I am young and Wishes is the only fireworks show I remember.

Some my favorite memories from Wishes:

  • Deciding to get contact lenses
  • Showing my bro wishes for the first time and seeing his face light up.
  • First time as a cast member with my room mates over by Casey’s corner
  • First time watching from by the Haunted Mansion
  • First time watching Wishes on a glow cart in front of guest relations
  • Last time watching wishes from Pirates gift shop during my last register shift
  • Last time watching Wishes on a glow cart during the last shift of my CP and crying my eyes out during work.

“… magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish!”

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